A Couple Jokes of the Bovine Variety

What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef

What do you call a cow with three legs? Lean beef

Good night

And if you are wondering I played League of Legends instead of posting. I was swag walking up and down middle lane. My first item a mink coat…second a vanity cane.


Post 2: First World Problems

Good evening,

This is my second post of my new blog. I hope my readers do not expect daily entries. I am just one man and not a machine. Plus I am doing this just for fun and my entertainment. Any amusement or joy spread to others through this blog is completely unintended and vigorously discouraged. According to my stats my blog had 5 views. Not bad not bad at all. I think I will promote my blog on my Twitter account. Please follow @von_mexico on Twitter

I would like to start with two problem I am currently facing (please do not comment “first world problems” that phrase was novel about 2 years ago)
My first problem is that my iPad 2 is starting to show its age. It seems very slow and sluggish when I open and close apps. Also at times when I call for the keyboard it freezes. I am thinking I might put an iPad Air on my wish list this year. Not sure what else I really need. I hear that Apple will soon announce the next version of iPads. That means a price drop for for the iPad Air is coming.

My second problem is that I just took delivery of a free hot tub courtesy of my father. The hot tub is all good but the place I built the pad has several issues. I have to really work to get the cover open due to an overhang from the deck. It seems the way I intended to orient the hot tub will not work. I must have made some miscalculations. Also the hot tub opens the wrong direction and makes a person walk around it to access it (this really needs a picture to illustrate). None of these are fatal flaws but if I could do it over again I would have moved the location of the pad to free myself of all these issues. I guess it is to late now and that hot tub is freaking heavy so it will probably just stay. Plus the overhang issue will be solved when I redo my deck this spring.

Just to let everyone know that drop kick statement from my last blog was a comment made in good fun. I know there are emergencies in life that cause people to run balances on their credit cards but if one is having an emergency every month they need to redefine emergency. Good news I was just approved for my citi double cash card. Good bye 1.5 percent cash back. Hello 2.0 percent cash back

A couple of months ago I discovered the website by Mister Money Mustache. This website promotes early retirement by extreme saving. To achieve this people simplify their lives and cut out unnecessary expenses. This site has really made me rethink and examine ways I could live better through badassity (check out the site and you will know what I mean). I am certainly not has hardcore as some on the site. I am trying to achieve a balance of frugality without sacrificing quality of life. Some of the changes I have made are actually enhancing life. Here is my road map for some changes.
1. I have been biking to work whenever possible. I have been on my bike kick for about 4 months now. The only times I drive to work is due to weather. I wonder how long I will be able to continue riding in the winter.
2. When my cellphone contract is up I will really shop for the best deal. Right now I am stuck with Verizon until May. I realized there are much better deals through companies like sprint or republic wireless. I will comment more on my findings when my contract is almost up
3. My satellite contract will be up next spring and as a family we have come to realize that pay TV is something we can try and do with out. I figure that if we had Netflix, Hulu plus and an antenna we would hardly miss it. I know I would love to trade a $90 monthly bill for a $25 monthly bill.

I figure these 3 changes could save me around $2,000 a year

Well that is all I have to give tonight.

A Reintroduction into the Blogging World

Good day fellow bloggers and blog readers of the world.  I have decided to throw my hat into the ring again into this crazy world of blogging.  My first go around was both a written blog and a supplemental video blog.  The video blog was very wide ranging and the previous written blog focused on my Internet poker career.  Sadly, my internet poker career came to an end when pokerestars was shut down by the U.S. Justice Department.   My poker career was successful and would like to try it again if they legalized it.   I may give a recap of my poker career at a later date.  I am unsure what direction my new blog will take.  I will just start with some of my musings and maybe some tips and see what develops.  It may just turn into recaps of my week   I have no idea at this point.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments that you may have but please remember think before you flame.

Let me start off with a good tip.  Go out and apply for the Citicard double cash card.  It is the best no hassle two percent cash back credit card I have found.  You get one percent back on the purchase and another percent cash back when you pay your bill.   Also if you carry a balance on your credit card and you are not at one of those super promo intro rates you really need help.  I would recommend you get your neighbor to drop kick you in the face or sign up at mint.com or another budgeting website to get on track.

I have set a goal for myself…I currently weigh in at 193.  I am 6’1″ so it is not good but not terrible.  Anyway I want to be at 185 by the end of November.  The late night snacking has been a weakness as of late.  This was a bit of a catalyst to start to the blog.  Instead of the midnight snack I could work on a blog post.   I will keep you updated on my progress or failure.

good night all

Just a few thoughts and opinions on my life and things I am interested in.