Weird dream

Super weird dream I just had to make note

I was working for my former company down in Houston. I go to a seminar in Dallas. After the seminar, I am at this construction site. I end up helping a couple of workers and they invite me to dinner. I go to the dinner and It is an Indian family that has one adopted white son. The whole family is depressed about their state in life. After hearing all their grievances, I get up and tell them how they can prove their lives. Ask for raises, make themselves more valuable to the company, go to college, learn valuable skills. I also explained a couple of basic economic principles. I finally get this call from my boss asking where I am. I did no realize it was close to midnight since there was a full noon and it was so bright outside. The family thanks me for opening their eyes to the world. Anyway I look out the window and two futuristic armies are fight in downtown Dallas and are just destroying the city. I see a Lamborghini heading straight for the house. I tell everyone to duck and cover. Next thing I know the entire building has collapsed. The only survivor is the adopted white son. I see a family find him in the rubble and take him home.


Do you ever wonder

Oh as I sit here wondering or maybe musing (well that is a bit self-serving). A side note could that be said by just about everything a person does? I fear that I do come off as cold or uncaring and maybe a bit of an insufferable know-it-all. When I hear about people’s financial transactions or pending financial transaction, I try to offer the best advice I can (only if they ask for it). I do know that personal finance is as much driven by emotion as it is logic and sound math. I try to get them to see that frugality is not a dirty word. Maybe it is better to deny your wants so you can win in the future. In my personal life,I do fear debt. The only debt I have currently is a mortgage and it bothers me almost weekly. I just want it paid off. I fear I am losing my train of thought maybe lets go to something else.

Have you ever wanted to give someone some unsolicited advice in the worst way? Well I do. Okay I will get off my dear Abby kick

Now for something completely different. Nope that is all I have

Good night to all the beautiful people of the world

The Time To Humidify

How quickly I went from worrying about dehumidifying to now worrying about humidifying. Besides the discomfort of dry skin, I have read that optimal humidity can improve health. Now do I sound like a witch doctor…okay hear me out. The mucus membranes in your nasal cavity are responsible for filtering out a lot of the bad stuff we breath and to function properly mucus must be moist. It makes sense to me. Now just to get my air at work the proper humidity. But the whole climate in my office I will save for another place and another time.

Just a quick update the working out schedule seems to be working. I think I am staying fairly motivated. Motivation is the key since I have never experienced what is known as the exercise or running high. Maybe I am doing it all wrong or something. I do know that interval training is tough and was probably developed by satan himself (should I have capitalized the s in satan)

I do miss riding my bike. I was hoping to be able to bike in the afternoon but it just can’t seem to warm up.

I do hope I remember my dream tonight. I wish I remembered more of my dreams

The Rising Tide

Good Evening

First not much to recap this weekend pretty much the same routine.

The results are very early but so far I am enjoying my new fitness regiment. I plan to exercise early in the am Monday through Friday and then once in the afternoon on Saturday or Sunday. I need my one day of rest.

I ordered my son a pair of sports goggles on the Internet. It was a savings of about 75%. I will let you know how this money saving endeavor turns out.

I decided or maybe came to a revelation this week…come Spring time I will paint my house. It occurred to me that I will just take a week off work and get it done. I figure with the son in daycare that it makes this option a lot more feasible. I wonder if I will be able to get it done in a week?

I had a pretty hot yak this week

Blog turns 21.

Good Evening

It seems I am stuck with unreasonably high homeowners insurance. Insurance companies seem to hate cedar shake shingle (try saying that three times fast). I think the death nail is that the shingles are about 24 years old. They are definitely OG shingles. I was told by a roofer that I should be able to get at least five more years out of the shingles barring a weather event…I just wish my weather event would hurry up and happen daddy needs a new roof and lower insurance premiums. I will check with at least one more insurance place before I place my flag and declare victory.

Well my diet is not going well it seems with the lack of biking my weight is stuck at 190 to 189. I might start waking up at 6:30 to get thirty minutes of exercise in the morning. I think most studies have shown working out in the morning makes you burn more calories throughout the day. I found out that any temp below 45 or 50 is not much fun to bike in. I guess I am just not hardcore enough.

It looks like snow on Saturday. I am not ready for that.

When two ships pass in the fog… Well I am not sure exactly how to say what I want to say. Maybe I should just end this post and contemplate further

Good night

When a tree falls

I wonder if I lost all my readers. Okay well reader. I may have had one reader of my blog. I will continue to soldier on with my blog posts because that is just what I do

Besides the weather being frigid, I really don’t have much to report. I did successfully rebalance my 401k. I really paid attention to expense ratios this time. I might have already blogged about that?? I just can’t seem to remember. I should really write stuff down. Keep a master list of topics. I would hate to bore people with needless repetition.

I did learn today that T-Mobile was in the process of upgrading their 2g towers to 4g. They should be done around the middle of 2015. Maybe the uncarrier is in my future??

Good night

Weekend Roundup Y’all

An end to a wet and wild weekend. Well not that wild and the only times I got wet was showers and using the hot tub. I did get some things completed. Cleaned out the flowers beds and the garden. That was my big job. One thing I started was shopping for home owners insurance. I need to see if there is a better deal out there. The company I currently have keeps jacking up my rates. Shopping for car insurance is easy, homeowners is such a drag. My current agent is a family friend so if I do find a better deal canceling might be a bit awkward, but I am not talking about single digit increases in premiums. I am going to try and stick with the companies that have highly rated customer service. I am using a list I found on the Clark Howard’s website. I am going to shoot for 3 to 4 quotes.

Gotta go

Just a few thoughts and opinions on my life and things I am interested in.