I do feel like a slacker. Is my output going to drop to one blog post a month? It might. I have been reading a lot lately and I just have not found the time to fit both into my life. Or maybe I just ran out of things to say…when you run out of words writing is tough. Another option is just a winter hibernation. I don’t think I can pin point it quite yet. I will let you know what my investigation turns up.

A few news items. I think I have discovered the best combo of price, coverage, and phone selection. Drum roll please… Cricket wireless. It is basically AT&T service at a discount price. Another news item. I tested myself to see what life would be without cable for a week. Well I have to report no drop in life satisfaction. Now I just need to get ready for dropping pay TV by getting an antenna set up. Can’t live without my pbs.


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