The Costs

Good day folks

I am suffering from my first major car repair bill of my life. I guess I should just call myself lucky for lasting so long without one. How is that for cup half full mentality.

On to my main topic. I am getting a bit tired of all these seemly unvoluntary costs of life that should be voluntary or really just done away with completely. I guess all expenses I will mention are voluntary just the social pressure almost forces one to pay up. The most egregious is the office pool to buy the boss a gift. Why give a gift to the highest paid person? That one might be the worst. Another office related one is paying for the privilege of wearing jeans. I don’t own any jeans and I find my dress pants more comfortable why would I pay to wear jeans. I guess the money does go to charity but giving to charity should be an individual thing. Speaking of charities if anyone raising money mentions someone else that already donated to try and spur your donation. Very bad form just classless. Parents selling stuff for there kids. This is one time I stand up and say no. Well I usually lie and say someone already asked me to buy from them. Picture day at school not only are the photos way overpriced btw they have pretty much removed
the cheapo packets they have multiple picture days now. Spring and fall and sport pictures geez. Here is one that burns me people raising money so they can go compete in a national competition. Say a person wants to compete in the international baton championship in Australia. Why should I help fund your hobby and vacation? I could go on to what I think of most charities but that will be for another time

Well good night everybody


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