Weird dream

Super weird dream I just had to make note

I was working for my former company down in Houston. I go to a seminar in Dallas. After the seminar, I am at this construction site. I end up helping a couple of workers and they invite me to dinner. I go to the dinner and It is an Indian family that has one adopted white son. The whole family is depressed about their state in life. After hearing all their grievances, I get up and tell them how they can prove their lives. Ask for raises, make themselves more valuable to the company, go to college, learn valuable skills. I also explained a couple of basic economic principles. I finally get this call from my boss asking where I am. I did no realize it was close to midnight since there was a full noon and it was so bright outside. The family thanks me for opening their eyes to the world. Anyway I look out the window and two futuristic armies are fight in downtown Dallas and are just destroying the city. I see a Lamborghini heading straight for the house. I tell everyone to duck and cover. Next thing I know the entire building has collapsed. The only survivor is the adopted white son. I see a family find him in the rubble and take him home.


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