Do you ever wonder

Oh as I sit here wondering or maybe musing (well that is a bit self-serving). A side note could that be said by just about everything a person does? I fear that I do come off as cold or uncaring and maybe a bit of an insufferable know-it-all. When I hear about people’s financial transactions or pending financial transaction, I try to offer the best advice I can (only if they ask for it). I do know that personal finance is as much driven by emotion as it is logic and sound math. I try to get them to see that frugality is not a dirty word. Maybe it is better to deny your wants so you can win in the future. In my personal life,I do fear debt. The only debt I have currently is a mortgage and it bothers me almost weekly. I just want it paid off. I fear I am losing my train of thought maybe lets go to something else.

Have you ever wanted to give someone some unsolicited advice in the worst way? Well I do. Okay I will get off my dear Abby kick

Now for something completely different. Nope that is all I have

Good night to all the beautiful people of the world


One thought on “Do you ever wonder”

  1. Wonderful blog as usual. I envy your ability to remove emotion from equations and look at the hard facts. I believe your most recent blog detailing your dream shows exactly how caring you are towards others.
    I firmly believe that a person should not suppress their opinions – you’re thinking it for a reason. Seems like wisdom comes from deep inside and surfaces instantly, but then we suppress an instant response maybe so we can let out conscious mind knead on it a bit, as if it weren’t ready for digestion by another mind? Who knows really? I think looking at your intentions behind everything is the key to it all.
    No thanks for the something different – what a teaser!
    Good day to you!


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