The Time To Humidify

How quickly I went from worrying about dehumidifying to now worrying about humidifying. Besides the discomfort of dry skin, I have read that optimal humidity can improve health. Now do I sound like a witch doctor…okay hear me out. The mucus membranes in your nasal cavity are responsible for filtering out a lot of the bad stuff we breath and to function properly mucus must be moist. It makes sense to me. Now just to get my air at work the proper humidity. But the whole climate in my office I will save for another place and another time.

Just a quick update the working out schedule seems to be working. I think I am staying fairly motivated. Motivation is the key since I have never experienced what is known as the exercise or running high. Maybe I am doing it all wrong or something. I do know that interval training is tough and was probably developed by satan himself (should I have capitalized the s in satan)

I do miss riding my bike. I was hoping to be able to bike in the afternoon but it just can’t seem to warm up.

I do hope I remember my dream tonight. I wish I remembered more of my dreams


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