Blog turns 21.

Good Evening

It seems I am stuck with unreasonably high homeowners insurance. Insurance companies seem to hate cedar shake shingle (try saying that three times fast). I think the death nail is that the shingles are about 24 years old. They are definitely OG shingles. I was told by a roofer that I should be able to get at least five more years out of the shingles barring a weather event…I just wish my weather event would hurry up and happen daddy needs a new roof and lower insurance premiums. I will check with at least one more insurance place before I place my flag and declare victory.

Well my diet is not going well it seems with the lack of biking my weight is stuck at 190 to 189. I might start waking up at 6:30 to get thirty minutes of exercise in the morning. I think most studies have shown working out in the morning makes you burn more calories throughout the day. I found out that any temp below 45 or 50 is not much fun to bike in. I guess I am just not hardcore enough.

It looks like snow on Saturday. I am not ready for that.

When two ships pass in the fog… Well I am not sure exactly how to say what I want to say. Maybe I should just end this post and contemplate further

Good night


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