Seldom There Was

Good evening cyberspace

I am seldom at a loss for words. Well that is not true…I am a bit socially anxious when it comes to larger groups of people I don’t know but it doesn’t stop my internal dialogue. No I don’t hear voices in my head. I just hear one voice, my own. I imagine other people do the same. I think I have a bit of what they call spotlight phobia. I guess I don’t really mind large groups as long as I have no chance of being the center of attention. I just want to be another face in the crowd or a brick in the wall. I do have to say that it seems to have lessened over time. Hopefully that will continue but I doubt if I would ever seek the spotlight…sober:)

That was a bit of a tangent…but right now i have what seems like a million questions in my mind…playing out different scenarios…I am just not sure what is the proper venue and time, if any, to seek answers.

Well good night and I hope your dreams are pleasant


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