What it is to be a Slacker

What a slow down in blog posts well I hope to replace quantity with quality sounds like another aspect of life but I digress…

Why am I writing this and not enjoying a game of League. Well truth be told I want to post at least weekly and I suffered a horrific back injury earlier today playing basketball. Well it was not so horrific but I did strain a muscle in my back and boy does it smart.

I wondered today if I should kick by and enjoy life more. But when I think about it…what does that mean. What do I really enjoy? What are my passions in life? What are my hobbies. Well I would not say I have a passion in life. If you know me, I was probably born without that emotion. That leaves hobbies. Well let me list them
Investing/financial planning
Gardening/yard work
League of Legends

I do all those activities to my hearts content so am I maxing out my enjoyment in life. Maybe so

I can’t believe it is almost the new year. I hope you have the money set aside to fully fund your Roth IRA in 2015 on jan 1. It is all about time in the market. Please don’t try and time it. Just do it.


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