As I sit here writing this I wonder is the reason I am writing because I have something to say or is it because league is goofing up today. I will let my readers decide or is it reader. That brings up a good question if I have no readers then who will decide?

I wonder how much the average person wonders or maybe worries about their finances. With my little experience I do believe people wonder about their finances but do little productive about it. The person that is easily in the black every month by over 500 dollars a month should probably not have anything to worry about (that is excess after saving 15% of their income in 401k or IRA). But the person that is living on a thin cushion or frequently in the red should really get deliberate with their money. Before every dollar is earned, there should be a plan for that money…budget.

I made the first step in cell phone savings. I signed up for Republic wireless. I do still have two phones under contract with Verizon but I will be doing something different with those phones come May. I had to buy a phone from republic. It was a pretty well reviewed android phone for 100 dollars. The plan is unlimited talk and text for ten dollars a month. There is no data but you can use wifi. I can’t wait till may so I can finely free myself of that huge ripoff known as Verizon.

good night


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