Maybe I Should Just Put the Date For Titles

Then I could be more like Captain Jean Luc Picard. Captain’s log star date such and such. That might be cool unless I have a very clever title.

It is the end to a busy weekend. Enjoyed some great weather and actually got a few things completed and made some progress on a couple of other projects. I also survived our big shopping trip to SAMs. The Chiefs had a quality win today. Hopefully they will continue building on this victory…just maybe playoffs this year?

I have probably mentioned Twitter to much but it is just so great. You can discuss and research about any topic. There are a lot of extreme ideas on both ends of the spectrum. I don’t think you could find a topic where all the people agree. I think that is good and I hope people with continue to use it for respectful but spirited discourse. And please distinguish the difference between opinions and facts. There is nothing special about you opinion. The last thing I hope for is for people to limit their foul language unless really warranted.

I went 3 and 1 in league this weekend Samsung White hook me up.

I will have to set an alarm now that the sun rises so late. This throws off my internal alarm clock.

Good night


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