Time To Rush

My favorite show is back on the air Gold Rush. It follows mining crews trying to strike it rich mining gold in Alaska and Canada. I think it is the fourth season of the show. I am fascinated by the concept of one of the crews possibly striking it rich by hitting the mother load of gold. I do wonder what happened to the Dakota boys. Maybe they will be featured in future episodes. I think Gold Rush is the only show I am excited to watch…well Chiefs football would have to be included.

Balance is tough to achieve in life. Sometimes I feel I am to frugal with money but if I was less frugal what would I then spend my money on. I really don’t want anything besides a new iPad. Maybe I should cut loose and live a bit but I would probably just suffer from buyer’s remorse. From my previous job, I really appreciate having balance in my work life. I used to work from 7:30 to about 9 every weekday and then half a day on Saturday. Now I realize how much that sucked and how unfair it was to me and everybody else in my life. If I would have continued, I would have missed out on a lot of life. Work is great and I appreciate hard work but work should be a means to an end not a lifestyle. I am as guilty as anybody because the first question I ask of people I don’t know is what they do for work. Should I ask their hopes and dreams or what they are passionate about?

A bottomless bowl is a tube. What was I thinking about?

Good night


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