Risk Averse

I hope I spelled averse correctly. Now that I have begun writing again I find myself fascinated about the spelling of words. Am i spelling the words for the first time or has it really been that long.

On to the main point…am I to risk averse. Would I seize the opportunity or maybe make the opportunity for myself. I am always thinking about angles and ways to make some money but when will I act on these ideas? Am I just being prudent waiting for a better situation to arrive? I am not totally risk averse. All my retirement funds are invested in stocks (the last couple weeks have been rough with that 10% market correction). I just don’t see a better opportunity for my retirement funds outside of stocks. But back to the main topic…maybe it would be best to list some ideas I have had
Rental property
Producing oil property
That is about it. I guess I should work on my ideas some. Maybe I will develop them in future posts.

Good night


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