Congrats Royals. I doubted you all the way

The Royals have made it to the World Series. I would have thought the Chiefs would have made it to a Super Bowl before the Royals made it to the World Series. Well maybe it is a sign the Chiefs are finally due?? The last Super Bowl the Chiefs played in was # 4.

On my Twitter account (follow me @von_mexico), I was followed by the Kansas Democrat Party. They followed me after I stung Mr. Pat Roberts with some good zingers. I bet he is still feeling the burn. I do find it funny since I am a registered Independent with leanings to the right. I would really classify myself as almost a libertarian (fiscally conservative and socially liberal). If anyone can guess how I got my Twitter handle, a free ice cream cone is yours. I think George Washington had it right that political parties were not good for the country.

Interest rates really fell today ( it was a bond bull market). I wonder how low they will go? It has not been sine June 2013 we have had rates this low. These low rates have really allowed people to purchase a lot more home then they otherwise could afford. I know that was true in my case. Hopefully people with existing mortgages will take a look at the rates and refinance if it makes sense. Or maybe if they have other high interest debt, consolidate it with a cash out refinance. Maybe I should look at buying a couple of rental homes but I really don’t want to deal with renters. The money is so cheap now they are practically giving it away. Does my balance sheet need more leverage?

Good night


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