Busy day

Oh the end to a very busy day. Pretty much every hour was filled with activity. I can say that was pretty much the case for Saturday too. I do have to confess I did sneak a single quick game of league in on Saturday. I played Dr. Mundo in the jungle. It was an easy win. But today there was no time. The house had to be cleaned and I had a couple of yards to mow. Now that it is raining I am glad I did not put off mowing until tomorrow. I am off work tomorrow to celebrate Columbus Day. Not sure what I am going to do tomorrow with the day off. Probably just take care of my young son and give the wife a day off. It looks like it is going to rain pretty much all day tomorrow so even though I have projects that need doing they might just have to wait a bit.

Here are three websites everyone should check out

http://www.mint.com great budgeting site

http://www.personalcapital.com great site to track all your investment. Also they have some free analytics they preform on your portfolio. Investment concentration and a fee analysis

http://www.creditkarma.com track your credit score. Also a good way to keep tabs on your identity. I have no idea why people sign up for identity theft monitoring. If you are that worried about it to pay 100s a year, just go ahead and freeze your credit.


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