An Achievement Worth Noting

When is an achievement worthy of accolades? I always thought it should be reserved for something that was difficult and failure was a real possibility. This brings up a personal question have I achieved anything worthy of accolades? I would probably have to say not yet. I think this maybe a problem in modern society the over celebration of events in ones life. I always thought it a bit foolish to celebrate graduating 8th grade and even high school. I mean isn’t it basically you show up and you graduate? Did you actually accomplish anything that was difficult and should be celebrated? College for me failure was never on the radar. The only question was an A or a B so I did not find graduating from college an aspiring event. What is something that if I accomplished would be worth noting with merriment and song? I will have to think about that one for a second. I think that line of thinking leads to an even better question what are my long term goals in life? This blog entry is asking far more questions then it is answering. This is troubling. I will get back to my long term goals in another blog post.

Well the most egregious place of over celebration and the general public is all guilty is Hollywood. I mean how sickening are award shows for movies and actors. Actors are generally just beautiful people reading lines some ugly person wrote ( I kid). Acting is not hard people act everyday. I act interested in what people are saying even if I am bored stiff or couldn’t care less. (When people say I could care less please correct them to couldn’t). What other profession can someone win the highest award, an Oscar, on their first try. That is like me beating Steve Nash in a free throw competition. So please do not watch any award shows. Stop the madness

Good night


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