Good evening friendly folks,

I find myself coming better and better aquatinted with the local bike shop since I have started trying to bike to work in lieu of driving. Also as a result of my biking my son also rides his bike (he has the choice on nice days to walk or ride his bike). Just a quick observations at how the young kids, middle school age, do not value bikes. One would probably be safe not to lock ones bike at the middle school. Maybe kids now days are more lawful but I doubt it. My bike route takes me by the middle school where I observe numerous bikes unlocked. In my day, bike theft was a real problem. Anyway I had to go to the bike shop to get a replacement tire for my son’s bike. The bike is not even a year old and already a new tire is needed. I guess it proves the old proverb. .. Don’t buy anything at Walmart if you want it to last over a year. Hopefully his bike will be repaired quickly since I will have to take him to school in the morning sacrificing my morning rides.

I find it useful to list out my wants. I can then contemplate whether I really want the item or not. Right now my list includes
New bike
New iPad

That is about it. I will add to the list as new items tickle my fancy. I was really gung-ho about a new bike. It was one of the reasons I got serious about biking. I made a deal with myself. I figured if I could save enough driving expense to offset the cost of a bike I deserved a new bike. Well I passed my savings goal but I came to find out my old bike is really okay. I think I will hold on to the old bike a bit longer.

My goal of a healthier lifestyle is on track. I have been pretty disciplined about avoiding mindless snacking. I weighed in at less then 190 today so I would say progress is being made.

Well good night good people of the Internet


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