I do feel like a slacker. Is my output going to drop to one blog post a month? It might. I have been reading a lot lately and I just have not found the time to fit both into my life. Or maybe I just ran out of things to say…when you run out of words writing is tough. Another option is just a winter hibernation. I don’t think I can pin point it quite yet. I will let you know what my investigation turns up.

A few news items. I think I have discovered the best combo of price, coverage, and phone selection. Drum roll please… Cricket wireless. It is basically AT&T service at a discount price. Another news item. I tested myself to see what life would be without cable for a week. Well I have to report no drop in life satisfaction. Now I just need to get ready for dropping pay TV by getting an antenna set up. Can’t live without my pbs.


The new year

Welcome to the new year. If possible make sure to do your 2015 Roth IRA contribution. I got mine in early only to see a couple of poor days in the stock market. It does hurt a bit but based on history time in the market is better then dollar cost averaging. Since I am not smart enough to time the market, I will just have let history be my guide.

Have you increased your 401k contribution this year? Well if you got any sort of raise you automatically did. But what about raising your deferral 1%. You won’t even miss the money and your future self will probably give you some cool points.

New Years resolutions. Not sure I have one yet. What is my main goal in the new year? What do I wish to accomplish?

Random thoughts

It is amazing to me how much the price of cell phone service has dropped in the last 3 months. I look forward to getting out of my contract in May. I bet I will be able to cut my cell phone bill in half. I think in the next year there will be a small revolution in pay tv.

If think everyone should calculate their net worth at least yearly. Quarterly would be best. I think doing so makes one accountable to ones self and gives a person motivation. I think it works for the same reason as people that weigh themselves everyday when trying to lose a few pounds end up losing more weight the those that did not.

My goal is to weigh 180 by the end of January. I am also thinking about getting a chin up bar. I just need to figure where I would mount it

The Costs

Good day folks

I am suffering from my first major car repair bill of my life. I guess I should just call myself lucky for lasting so long without one. How is that for cup half full mentality.

On to my main topic. I am getting a bit tired of all these seemly unvoluntary costs of life that should be voluntary or really just done away with completely. I guess all expenses I will mention are voluntary just the social pressure almost forces one to pay up. The most egregious is the office pool to buy the boss a gift. Why give a gift to the highest paid person? That one might be the worst. Another office related one is paying for the privilege of wearing jeans. I don’t own any jeans and I find my dress pants more comfortable why would I pay to wear jeans. I guess the money does go to charity but giving to charity should be an individual thing. Speaking of charities if anyone raising money mentions someone else that already donated to try and spur your donation. Very bad form just classless. Parents selling stuff for there kids. This is one time I stand up and say no. Well I usually lie and say someone already asked me to buy from them. Picture day at school not only are the photos way overpriced btw they have pretty much removed
the cheapo packets they have multiple picture days now. Spring and fall and sport pictures geez. Here is one that burns me people raising money so they can go compete in a national competition. Say a person wants to compete in the international baton championship in Australia. Why should I help fund your hobby and vacation? I could go on to what I think of most charities but that will be for another time

Well good night everybody

Just One Thing

I am officially terrible at league of legends. I can’t seem to do anything right and I am just getting owned. Could my skills degrade that fast? I had never been a carry but at least I did not feed. Now that I am going to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier to workout I maybe league twice a week. Also I have stArted to read most every night. Maybe it is true that you really only have time for one great passion in life. I think that is true for anyone with younger kids.

Right now the expense ratio on all my retirement Accounts is a respectable .34. It will be lower once my Roth IRA is transferred to vanguard. If I remember correctly, my expense ratio was around .85 before I woke up about the hazards of high expense. I have to give a shout out to the dough roller podcast.

Well it looks like I hit my goal of weighing 185. I am setting a new goal of 180 by the end of January. I resisted doughnuts today at work. Small victories. Small victories

Oh the year end. How can one feel like they are on track or maybe even steaming ahead financially and then a roadblock comes up. I should not whine to much all these extra expense were pretty much all accounted for. Exactly what expenses I am talking about are property tax and insurance. Both are coming due for me at the same time. I could pay my insurance monthly but I would get charged five dollars a month for that privilege and I couldn’t use my credit card. Easy folks I would carry a balance. Thankfully I have set up a poor mans escrow account for myself. I put enough money in for my larger expenses (mortgage, insurance and property tax). Since it is in a separate account it is easy not to spend it. I still hate spending that kind of dough with getting something really tangible. I guess I will earn some credit card bonus cash

Black Saturday

Hello everyone everything is half off (including my pants) in this blog to celebrate Black Friday.

Black Friday I have had the misfortune of going shopping once on Black Friday and I think that one experience would qualify me as having PTSD. I will never again venture out in those crowds. Being wiser I stayed home…well I did go to Ace hardware. I just had to use my fifty percent off coupon. I bought hardwood floor cleaner.

My family thanksgiving day celebration went well nothing exciting to report. I was excited about these two days of warm weather. Unfortunately it is going to cool off tomorrow.

Talk with everyone later

Just a few thoughts and opinions on my life and things I am interested in.